About Us

What we do...

For 20 years, Living Earth Limited has been New Zealand’s principal recycler of organics to compost. In February 2012 our company composted its 1 millionth tonne of organic waste, from which over 1 million cubic metres of high quality compost has gone to market under the name, Living Earth.

Throughout New Zealand the Living Earth brand is synonymous with quality, tested growing media produced from recycling of organics. Our company is a market orientated business and our brand is a New Zealand market leader.


Living Earth has been operating the Christchurch City Council’s Organics Processing Plant in Bromley since its construction in 2009. The OPP receives nearly 50,000 tonnes of foodwaste and greenwaste per year from Christchurch households’ “Love Organics” collection which we turn into plant nourishing goodness for the home garden, the City’s open spaces and parks and the rural Canterbury market.

This state of the art processing plant contains a total of 18 in-vessel composting tunnels, where the household collection is processed over a period of 7-10 days while the greenwaste material is brewed in windrows and takes 3-4 months to transform into compost.

Canterbury Compost

Canterbury Compost, in the bright red bag is our new addition to the Christchurch garden scene. This is a quality compost 100%, weed-free in a generous 35litre bag. Or, you can buy by the trailer-load. For Tips on how to use our compost click here.